About Women for Women

Women for Women was established in 1998 and has been supporting Wyoming women ever since.


Women for Women is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established to ensure Wyoming women can make and implement the critical personal decision whether to terminate a pregnancy. Wyoming residents must travel out of state or to the far western corner of Wyoming to access an abortion provider. Consequently, in addition to the procedure’s cost, they often incur substantial expenses for travel and time away from responsibilities. Many cannot come up with those funds in the short time before the procedure. One in four women in the US has an abortion by the age of 45. Having an abortion is something many women decide is necessary and critical to their lives. WE TRUST WOMEN to be the best at making that decision for themselves.


We firmly believe that a woman’s ability to make and implement these critical decisions about her own body, her own life, and her physical, emotional and financial health should not depend on whether she has the financial resources to instantly pay this unexpected and significant expense. Having sufficient funds should not be the determining factor whether to carry a pregnancy to term. Women for Women is here to help bring reproductive justice to the women of Wyoming and make sure that children are wanted, intentional, and not a result of lacking sufficient money.


Women for Women is all-volunteer. That means all donated funds, excepting negligible amounts for stamps, PO Box fees, etc., go entirely to helping women pay for the cost of the abortion. Consequently, any donation you make directly helps a Wyoming woman in a very stressful situation access critical reproductive health care and decision-making control over her own body. Please help us provide reproductive justice to Wyoming women!

You can donate to us online via PayPal:

Or by mailing a check made out for “Women for Women” to:

Women for Women
P.O. Box 1472
Lander, WY 82520

Women for Women is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, EIN 83-0322262. Our exemption derives from a group exemption granted to the National Network of Abortion Funds of which we are an affiliate. Donations are deductible to the extent allowed by law.


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